Summer is here…hallelujah! And while the sun is shining brighter and the temperatures are climbing higher, we are all looking for the perfect ways to cool off and have a blast doing it. While there are thousands of water parks around the world, they do not all hit the same way. Children will fall head over heels for most any water park, but pleasing older children and adults alike can be a bit more difficult when it comes to thrills and frills. Grab your swimsuits, here are some of our favorite water parks that even adults will want to visit over and over again. 

WORLD WATERPARK, (Edmonton, Canada)

While the US may have Mall of America in Minnesota – it doesn’t compare to Canada’s West Edmonton Mall, and for good reason. Besides its hundreds of shops and dining venues, this mall features a water park. You heard that right, an actual indoor water park! The World Water Park is huge and can safely accommodate up to 5,000 visitors at a time…IN A MALL! Can you tell we are not yet over this fact…because we aren’t. Just when you think this can’t be any more amazing, World Water Park is home to the world’s largest indoor wave pool. We can’t say we are surprised. Go enjoy water slides that range from family friendly to thrill seeking and even try the indoor aquatic zipline. Don’t forget a change of clothes because we have a feeling you will be itching for a treat or two around the mall once you’re done splashing around. Ice cream anyone? 


While Germany doesn’t necessarily come to mind when you think of the tropics, maybe this water park will change your mind. Tropical Island Resort is a cavernous former airship hangar located in Halbe – just outside of Berlin. And while our previous pick was impressive, this water park holds the current world record for the largest indoor water park in the world. What can be better? This aquatic playground is open 365 days a year, and even keeps its doors open 24 hours a day for resort guests; giving adults some calmer time in the park once little ones are tucked in for the night. The water park has several themed sections both inside and out giving no limited amount of options. Thrill seekers will be in heaven with options such as a faux white water river and a “turbo slides” which shoots riders off at speeds up to 40mph. 

AQUATICA, (Orlando, Florida)

This South Pacific themed water park operated by SeaWorld doesn’t skip out on fun.  This water park is home to not one but two outdoor wave pools making it the perfect place for water soaked fun. Aquatica also offers several different raft slides and even an eight lane racing slide! Grab your friends and have a friendly race…loser buys slushies! Thrills not so much your thing? Sink your toes into the 80,000 square foot white sand beach and relax your day away. There really is something for everyone at this stateside splash zone. 

BEACH PARK, (Aquiraz, Brazil)

Spread out over nearly 2 million square feet is Brazil’s Beach Park, set in the coastal city of Aquiraz. Adventure seekers will love the famous “Insano Slide” which takes riders down a 14 story free fall at speeds of up to 65 mph. Not feeling so adventurous? The Acqua Circo area, studded with a variety of cannons, jets, showers, fountains, slides, tunnel, fixed peddle boats and seesaws, provides hours of skin-soaked fun…without the anxiety attack. 


Looking for a one of a kind water park? This park is the only one on our list that boasts an impressive and cohesive theme. Yas is designed around a girl named “Dana” who is hunting for a legendary pearl that was lost during a severe storm. Dana’s journey is told throughout the water parks 40 attractions including ithe Bandit Bomber (it’s the longest suspended roller coaster in the Middle East, and allows riders to shoot water at targets along the ride), the six-lane Sebag slide, and the Al Raha lazy river ride. 

JUNGLE AQUA PARK, (Hurghada, Egypt)

This impressive water park boasts 14 outdoor swimming pools and 35 fun slides. With so many options, you will not run out of things to do when you visit Jungle Aqua Park. This water park which is about a five and a half hour drive from Cairo also boasts a hotel with 800 air conditioned rooms so you will have no need to make this visit a day trip. 

WET’N’WILD GOLD COAST, (Oxenford, Australia)

This Australian based water park is not only a summer time destination, heated water runs through the rides year round! This means you can enjoy water slides and lazy rivers even in the depths of winter. Careen through the white water on Mammoth Falls in a six-person tube, slip through a trap door and plummet down the 40-foot drop of the Aqualoop, or chill out in the wave pool. With so much to do, your possibilities really are endless. 

WATERBOM BALI, (Kuta, Indonesia)

Even with all the other water parks on our list, you will not find any as lush and beautiful as Waterbom Bali. At this certified carbon neutral park in Indonesia, more than 50 percent of its 3.8 hectares are dedicated green spaces; making it not only a thrilling but a truly tranquil place to spend a fun-filled afternoon.  Located between the palm trees, guests can hang ten in the Flowrider wave simulator, have a massive water balloon fight in the Water Blaster Course, or speed down any of the park’s heart-pumping waterslides. There is something for everyone at this gorgeous aquatic playground. 


Nestled inside the massive Atlantis The Palm luxury resort Dubai, this is what we truly can call an oasis in the desert. This water park is packed with high adrenaline action. Some of the most famous rides are: the “Aquaconda”, which is reportedly the world’s first slide-within-a-slide; the enclosed tube snakes in and out of another flume-style ride, making it a truly one of a kind ride. You can also head to “Poseidon’s Revenge”, which boasts two dueling slides that propel thrill seekers up to 37 miles per hour. 

SIAM PARK, (Costa Adeje, Canary Islands)

If you thought this Thai themed water park was located in Thailand…think again. Spain’s Canary Islands are home to Siam Park, which features the largest number of Thai themed buildings outside of Thailand. As beautiful as the buildings are, visitors come for the attractions…and for good reason. Slip through the wide turns of the four-person Kinnaree slide, drop down the vertical funnel of the Dragon slide, or just chill out under an umbrella on the white sand at Siam Beach. Adrenaline junkies and tired mammas will all find their “perfect day ever” at Siam Park. 

No matter where your next adventure takes you, it’s safe to assume a fun water park might not be too far behind. And as you can see, they aren’t just for kids. Grab your tube and your favorite pair of flip flops and head to one of these unique, thrilling, and overall amazing water parks for a day full of family fun.