Sin city. The City of Lights. Entertainment Capital of the World. The City of Second Chances. The Gambling Capital of the World. It is no secret that Las Vegas is known for many things. While casinos, entertainment, and bachelor parties are big happenings in the City that Never Sleeps; I bet you didn’t know how many other fun and unique things there are to do among the neon lights. We made a list of 5 of the most unique and instaworthy experiences you don’t want to miss on your next Vegas adventure. Oh…you are going to want to make sure your camera is fully charged for these 😉 after all…pictures or it didn’t happen. 


If heights don’t bother you, we highly suggest you check out the birds eye view of the neon landscape that is the Vegas Strip. At 550 feet tall, this is the tallest observation wheel in the world, and if you ask us…the most fun. In true Vegas form, adults can choose to ride in the “Happy Hour Pod” that offers a complimentary open bar while you ride (for an additional fee of course). The wheel boasts 28 individual pods that each hold 40 people – making it the perfect experience for large and small groups alike. Small children will even enjoy the approximately 30 minute ride, taking in all the sites and sounds of Las Vegas. 


If you know anything about Las Vegas, you know Mandalay Bay is one of the biggest and most popular casinos there. But, did you know that it is also home to an aquarium and a manmade 11 acre aquatic playground?  The “beach” boasts a lazy river, wave pool, as well as sand to dip your toes in – to give you those real beach vibes. Guests will be treated to an oceanside feeling in the middle of the Nevada desert. It is important to note that if you are not a guest at Mandalay Bay, you will need to rent a private cabana to enjoy all the water perks. Ready for a break from the hot Vegas sun? Head inside to Mandalay Bay’s Aquarium! Be treated to sights of more than 2,000 species such as sharks, endangered sea turtles, giant rays, komodo dragons, piranhas and much more. Your little ones will love a day in the waves and making friends with the sharks so much that Mandalay Bay is our choice for family friendly accommodations. You can’t get much better than this. 


Ready to breathe in the fresh air and escape the hustle and bustle? Hop in your favorite rental car and drive 17 miles to Red Rock Canyon. Drive along the 13 mile scenic car route or hop out and stretch those legs on one of the many hiking and biking trails. The breathtaking scenery and peaceful surroundings will have you forgetting how close you are to Las Vegas, and that is kinda the point! Don’t forget to pack lots of water and stay hydrated while exploring. 


Do you have the need for speed? Maybe leaving all your cards out on the table has you feeling bored on your Vegas vacation…we don’t want that. Head to SpeedVegas and get behind the wheel of the world’s fastest and most luxurious cars. Take your pick from Lamborghinis, Teslas, Corvettes, Ferraris, Camaros and so many more. With so many beautiful cars to choose from, you will have your pick of horsepower. You must be 18 or older to sit in the driver’s seat and over the age of 6 and a minimum of 60 pounds to ride as a passenger. This once in a lifetime experience will cost you a pretty penny but if you are a car aficionado, it will be worth every cent. 


You will have no trouble finding the faux Manhattan skyline along the Vegas Strip. Take in the scale models of big name New York attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Brooklyn Bridge. This west coast Concrete Jungle spans a full block of the Strip. Enjoy New York Pizzerias, numerous bars, and fun shops. STep inside Hershey’s Chocolate World and enjoy over 800 types of mouth watering chocolate. While you are there, get your thrills going at 67mph on the world’s first coaster to feature a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive maneuver along with a 203 foot drop or play a wide variety of games in the arcade! It is easy to spend all day exploring this fun and immersive world. 

As you can see, if you can part with all the glitz and glamor of the “traditional” Las Vegas you will see that the city has so much more to offer. With so many things to do and see it comes as no surprise that it is called one of the Cities That Never Sleeps. Ready to explore it yourself? We think you should…you won’t be disappointed.