All-inclusive resorts, you either love them…or you hate them. While some travelers look forward to returning year after year, others find the idea of a packaged vacation commercial. We at Adventures by Jamie personally LOVE vacationing at an all-inclusive resort. While all the personal options to consider can be overwhelming for some- have no fear! We are here to share our favorite reasons why all-inclusive resorts should be next on your vacation bucket list. You might want to grab a pen for this one. 


An all-inclusive resort is one where a large majority of your expenses ie: accommodations, food and drink (yes…including alcohol), activities and more are all included in the base price of your vacation. Pretty sweet, right? Some top shelf liquors, spa treatments or off property excursions may cost extra. But, it is not hard to have a wonderful and relaxing vacation without spending an extra penny. All-inclusive resorts are incredible because you do not have to worry about carrying around any cash or credit cards during your stay and there will be no financial surprises once you arrive. What you pay when you book your trip, is all that’s needed.


While all-inclusive resorts are located all around the world, a majority of them are located in tropical destinations (yes please!). They can most commonly be found in the Caribbean and Mexico. Ask your Adventures by Jamie Travel Advisor where the best fit for you would be. With multiple all-inclusive resorts to fit every need and budget…the opportunities are endless! 


One of the best things about choosing an all-inclusive resort for your next vacation is that you have an almost complete idea of what your trip will cost you before you even land at your destination. So many of your vacation expenses are already paid for! Airfare, lodging, food and activities are taken care of. This means you may come out saving money in the long run since you won’t have to worry about extra fees here and there. If you can snag a reservation at your favorite all-inclusive resort during their “off season”, it is not unheard of for these resorts to be very economical. Oh and what’s even better? There is no tipping required at these resorts; none, nada, zip! Hello extra spending money! 


Booking each part of your vacation separately can be very time consuming. Fear not, an all-inclusive vacation can save you from this. When booking your getaway – most of the time you can get it all done in one swoop (yes, even flights!). So you can be one and done. All you will need to worry about after that is shopping for your new vacation wardrobe. 


The pure beauty of an all-inclusive resort is probably their most attractive quality. Designed to feel like the epitome of paradise, you really will feel like you are in the most beautiful place on earth (and sometimes – you really will be). Swaying palm trees, lush vegetation, bright tropical decor, gorgeous pool areas and picturesque beaches all immerse you in the tropical lifestyle. If you are looking for an instagram worthy vacation, an all-inclusive resort will not disappoint. 


Life can be stressful, we get that. If you are looking to escape the stresses of daily life, there is not a better way than escaping to a place where you really don’t have to think about anything. When vacationing at an all-inclusive resort everything is taken care of for you, meaning all you have to do is just relax. Not having to carry a purse, or worrying about traveling from one place to another is quite freeing. While at an all-inclusive resort, all you have to worry about is if you are relaxing by the pool or heading to the beach. And if you ask us, those are the best kinds of decisions. 


With so many beautiful and exciting vacation destinations out there, it is easy to get swept up in it all and forget to look at the safety of where you will be staying. All-inclusive resorts operate in safe areas and have top notch security measures in place to assure you and your family will be well taken care of. Sip that umbrella cocktail with the peace of mind you deserve while staying at an all-inclusive resort. 


Sometimes – when staying at one all-inclusive resort, you will have access to a nearby sister resort managed by the same company. For example, multiple Sandals Resorts (Barbados, Montego Bay…) offer this option. While you pay for a room at one resort, you are invited to enjoy dinner, drinks, or water activities at another one nearby. This gives you even more options and really is a bang for your buck. Talk about double dipping! 


Similar to cruises, all-inclusives are a great fit if you are looking to travel with extended family, multiple couples or another large group. When staying together at a resort, everyone has the freedom to have fun while on the same grounds. This means you can spend as much or as little time together as you would like, and makes regrouping for meals or other activities easy. Also, because rooms come at different price points and layouts, all-inclusive resorts can accommodate a variety of budgets and party sizes. Most of the time there are childcare options as well as a variety of activities to choose from so everyone will find something to enjoy while vacationing at an all-inclusive resort. 

As you can see, an all-inclusive holiday is certainly not one you experience every day. Most people crave the many advantages these resorts offer; such as relaxation, safety, great value and minimal stress, so, an all-inclusive vacation may be a slice of heaven. Our question for you is…are you going to enjoy a piece yourself? Reach out to your Adventures by Jamie all-inclusive specialist to start planning your holiday in the sun and cheers to the most amazing getaway ever!